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Golf traces its roots back to 15th century Scotland. Rudimentary forms of the game we all know today took shape with bent sticks, pebbles, and sand dunes, lots of sand dunes. Over time that stick grew straighter and the pebble eventually formed into a ball. King James IV of Scotland (1473 – 1513) became so enthralled with the game that he was eventually known as the world’s first golfing monarch.

Today golf is one of the most widely played sports on the planet. It’s unique that it can be both highly competitive and a social event where groups of all ages and abilities can compete simultaneously. There is an old adage about golf – “easy to learn, impossible to master.” If you have ever picked up a club and played a round of 18, this adage likely rings true. Getting going is relatively straight-forward, but hitting that upper echelon level takes years of diligent practice and play.

Few sports bring about mental alertness and physical fitness in a pristine setting (the great outdoors) like golf. It’s a perfect game to learn as a youngster, and everything begins with a good set of clubs. Club technology has evolved considerably over the years. Today’s clubs are highly engineered works of art, and we’re going to run through 10 exceptional sets for kids anywhere from 3 to 15. Strap in, and let’s talk clubs!

1. Precise XD-J Junior Complete Golf Set

While Precise might not be as well known as some others on this list, make no mistake about it – this set is quality, through and through. Ideal for kids ages 3 to 5 (although also available for ages 6 to 8 and 9 to 12), it’s never too early to get your little one out on the range. While having them accompany you and your buddies for an early morning 18-holes might be a bit much, they’ll ease into the sport like pros with this Junior Complete Golf Set.

It doesn’t matter if your young one is a lefty or righty; this set comes equipped for both. Do keep in mind that at 3 or 4, it might be uncertain which hand will ultimately emerge as their strong hand. There is a plethora of literature online regarding sports and how to choose the strong hand, so do be sure to do some preliminary research. The XD-J shaft material is made of graphite, and the set is available in blue and pink (ages 9 to 12), pink and red (ages 6 to 8), and orange and pink (3 to 5).

A cool feature with this set is that the club heads are lightweight and will loft the ball considerably higher than heavier heads. Getting that ball in the air for a young one is vital for their confidence. They’ll feel like Dustin Johnson or Ko Jin-young on Day 1! The XD-J comes complete with four clubs, all featuring junior flex graphite shafts. The bag is easy to carry, although a little help is required for that 3 to 5-year-old range.

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2. Wilson Juniors Complete Golf Set

Golf’s greatest are a long list. But when a brand has been trusted by the likes of Sam Snead, Arnold Palmer, Payne Stewart, Walter Hagen, Patty Berg, Vijay Singh, and Ben Crenshaw, you know you’ve got a winner on your hands. Wilson is that brand, and their Juniors Complete Golf Set is an ideal jump-off set for any budding young golfer. This set is recommended for kids 5 to 15, and the distinct sets fall into age ranges (5 – 8, 8 – 11, and 11 – 15). Colors vary by range, and the set is available for left or right-handed players.

Wilson offers two different larger sets – SGI and JGI. The SGI set is a bit more advanced and thus weighs more. The JGI set weighs less (9.9 pounds compared to 15 pounds), while both feature a 10.5-degree club loft, and all shaft materials are made of graphite.

Each set comes with five clubs, and the weight is positioned low in the driver to help the ball catch some much-needed air. The sweet spot is wide, and whether it’s the SGI or JGI, that same Wilson performance is found in both. Wilson has been manufacturing leading clubs since 1914, and those players sponsored by the brand have won a staggering 62 major championships. A good brand for any youngster to be a part of.

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3. Callaway Golf XJ Junior Golf Set

At the risk of sounding superficial, one initial look at this set and your kid will be sold. These XJ Junior clubs look fantastic. The bag really pops, with the iconic Callaway logo leaping out, and available either in a classic blue with the logo in white or white with the logo in blue. But enough of the aesthetics, let’s get into what some parents think of this set.

As to be expected from a leading and respected manufacturer like Callaway, the reviews on this set are exemplary. One satisfied mom remarked that her kid’s golf instructors give them compliments every week on their Callaway choice. One thing is to receive an initial compliment, but weekly? That speaks volumes, and a big reason why this set is so popular is the available sizes. On the smallest end (38 – 46 inch height range), the XJ Level 1, Size 1 set comes with four clubs. The Level 2 set comes with six clubs and ideal for kids measuring 47 – 53 inches. The Level 3 set bumps it up to 7 clubs at 54 – 61 inches, and the Teen Level comes with a whopping ten clubs (diver, fairway wood, hybrid, four irons, two wedges, and a putter).

Many folks end up purchasing all four sets over the lifetime of their kid’s young golf career. The beauty of this option is your child becomes accustomed to the clubs (the weight and feel), and does not need to acclimate every 2 to 3 years to a new brand.

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4. Tour Edge HL-J Junior Complete Golf Set

It’s always impressive to see a three-year-old out on the course. One wonders whether they’ll even remember whacking that ball around at such a young age. But most professional golfers will tell you they started early, developed a passion for the game, and the rest is history. There’s a reason companies like Tour Edge make clubs for kids as little as three. That’s when the game begins, and the beauty of this set is you can stick with the brand up to age 14.

The Junior Complete set is made of graphite, comes with a putter grip type, and is available for left and right-hand hitters. The set’s overall weight increases with the different age ranges and the color choices are generous – yellow, royal blue, red, green, and orange. The jewel of this set, however, is the 350cc high MOI driver. This club produces high-flying drives that feel effortless, and if that wasn’t enough, the fairway wood is also a treat to hit with.

Every set includes a dual-strap stand bag as well as headcovers. The headcovers protect the clubs and are a real lifesaver, especially if you’ve ever suffered concrete scraped clubs. Being that this set is for kids, it’s reasonable to assume that spills and scrapes will occur. Better safe than sorry, so keep these headcovers on at all times.

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5. Robin Golf the Essentials Junior Set

Few sets will elicit a giant, bear-sized hug from your kid. This is one of them, and Robin comes correct with an absolute beauty. Made for kids 6 to 8 (44” – 53”) and 9 to 12 (54” – 64”), the Essentials Junior Set comes in one striking color – matte black. The manufacturing team likely mulled over some other color choices, but the Robin logo in white on the matte black cloth is a clear winner.

Specifically designed with bigger sweet spots, kids gain unparalleled confidence hitting with these clubs. Strikes are cleaner and straighter, and each club brings a unique set of characteristics to the table. The irons and pitching wedge are small enough to haul around, and a seven and nine iron is perfect for this age range. The driver is a monster, capable of outdriving adults (watch out, Mom and Dad!). The hybrid club is much easier to hit on the fairway than a wood, and as hybrids are the go-to clubs these days, kids deserve one too, right? The sand wedge teaches youngsters how to get out of nasty traps, and the putter is where mental fortitude, focus, and control come into play.

Robin’s motto is “Just Start Swinging.” They’re also a company with a social component, subsidizing a round of golf for kids who couldn’t normally afford clubs plus a day on a course via their partnership with the organization Youth on Course. For every set of clubs Robin sells, a portion goes to support this noble cause. It’s not every day you can purchase and play while also knowing you’re doing something good for someone else.

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6. Precise M7 Junior Complete Golf Set

The old adage in sales is nothing sells better than “positive word of mouth.” The internet has flattened communication, and thus we can see what people we’ve never met have to say about a product or service we’re interested in buying. One glance at the online reviews of this golf set from Precise, and it’s clear – this is a pro set that kids love.

One reviewer mentioned how big of a hit these clubs were with her 5-year-old, while another mentioned that her 2-year-old (2 years old!) has been running around the house with club in hand, waiting for his chance to hit the course. Granted, two does not fall into the range of appropriate ages for this set, but who are we to rain on the parade of a 2-year-old. This set comes in three ranges – 3 – 5, 6 – 8, and 9 – 12. The color choices are orange, green, or red, the shaft is alloy steel, and perhaps the only downside to mention with this Precise set is it’s only available for right-handed players. Sorry, lefties, left out yet again.

While these clubs can be weighty for the younger kids, the average weight over the three age ranges is a manageable 6.8 pounds. With that said, having kids getting used to hauling around their own set is a good habit to get into. The golf cart will always be there, but the sport originated with a heavy dose of walking. A little exercise never hurt anyone!

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7. Orlimar Golf ATS Junior Golf Set

There are few things in life as rewarding as waking up early on the weekends and hitting the green first thing in the morning. If you have a young companion with you, even better. Getting these youngsters out early and often is a good thing, and a sound set of clubs, such as the ones from Orlimar, are a golf aficionado favorite.

Available for ages 3 – 5, 5 – 8, and 9 – 12, Orlimar clubs are quality graphite with a putter grip and weighing between 8 and 10 pounds. The 3 – 5 category comes with three clubs, and it moves up from there (four clubs for 5 – 8, and five clubs for 9 – 12). One online reviewer noted that he used to be a club retailer for years and recognizes quality. Orlimar’s inclusion of a driver, a hybrid fairway, a 7 iron, a wedge, and a putter was an excellent choice, according to this satisfied former retailer. Again, one thing is the company telling you how wonderful they are, but quite another hearing it from a fellow customer.

The bag is advertised as lightweight, and the padded carry strap really eases the burden when heading out on an 18-hole extravaganza. The color selection is thankfully wide enough to satisfy even the most discerning four-year-old. There’s nothing worse than a four-year-old and a temper tantrum while rounding the back 9. Golf in style with this set from Orlimar!

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8. Aspire Junior Plus Golf Set

If you and your kid can’t find a color scheme that works with this set, then there isn’t much to say. Aspire has manufactured the Junior Plus in green, red, blue, pink, and orange. Sorry, if your kid comes to you demanding a magenta bag, Aspire doesn’t have them covered. But if that’s the case, it’s likely golf is secondary and running around the course in a magenta bag is the primary objective.

Available in sets ranging from 3 to 5 up to 11 to 12, the head size and overall weight vary by age bracket. The younger ones have lighter and smaller clubs, while Aspire has outfitted kids in the 9 – 12 range with larger clubs. A cool feature of this set is the graphite shafts are manufactured with each age group in mind. The swing speed and strength vary, providing much-needed confidence to beginners who are just starting. Aspire also includes their Progressive Flex System, which matches the flex of the shaft to the age bracket.

A final selling point for the youngsters is this set is made from aircraft-grade aluminum. You can hop online and pull up some great pictures of aircraft-grade aluminum. Once the kiddies see it and make the connection with their golf clubs, watch out! They’ll be trying to drive the ball to Mars, and you’ll have a little hitter on your hands, guaranteed!

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9. Precise X7 Junior Complete Golf Set

Online reviews are glowing with this set from Precise. One mother commented that her 3-year-old is absolutely obsessed and will not put them down. Another parent of an 8 and 10-year-old mentioned the same, indicating that the X7 quality is what swayed them, and they’ve finally found a sport the whole family can play together. This bears mentioning as golf is undoubtedly one of those sports. It’s rare to find a sport that not only the entire family can play together, but also one that crosses generations – kids with their parents and their grandparents.

The X7 Junior set comes in both right and left-hand configurations, and for the little ones (3 – 5), a complete set includes a 15 driver, a 22 Hybrid, a #6/7 iron, a putter, and two headcovers. The stand bag is made of high-quality fabric, and there’s a rain hood included should Mother Nature arrive with some surprises. The grip type is a putter, the shaft material is graphite, and the overall material is wood. Like many of the other sets on this list, the X7 is available for kids 3 – 5, 6 – 8, and 9 – 12.

Precise initially hit the scene with a different name – Tartan Sports. They were founded back in 1987 and have grown considerably from their family beginnings. The company carries a range of sub-brands, and the X7 is one of the better-rated sets in their larger line-up.

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10. Top Flite Junior Complete Golf Set

There are few brands as trusted as Top Flite, and we conclude this list with a complete set available for both boys and girls. The Junior set’s target age range is 9 – 12, or kids measuring 53” and above. The driver and hybrid clubs have been optimized for distance and launch, and the 7 and 9 irons, plus the CG sand, feature something known as perimeter weighting. This ensures shots are more balanced and minimizes the chances of errant misses.

The girl’s bag is available in a grey/teal combination, while the boy’s bag is grey/yellow. The headcovers are fabricated of durable nylon, and online reviews have been overwhelmingly positive. One satisfied father remarked at how lightweight the set was, which had been a concern as some previously purchased sets weighed considerably more than advertised.

Another parent mentioned that it was the perfect starter set for his nephew, and he is now onto a more professional set at 16. A good golf club set for kids puts youngsters on a path for the eventual adoption of more late-teen, early adult sets. This transition is key as jumping to professional sets (without having learned and developed with club sets for kids) is a difficult leap. A kid’s golf set instills the confidence necessary to make that jump and the essential mechanics that are developed (and fundamental) at an early age.

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With all of the choices available for golf club sets for kids, we know it can be difficult to see through all the noise. The ten sets we reviewed here are top of the line, and the hard part shouldn’t be looking for another ten but rather choosing one on this list!

Something to keep in mind is the set you buy today won’t be used two or three years from now. Some folks prefer trying out various brands before settling on a preferred brand once they remain golfing into their 20s and beyond. This is certainly doable, and many professional golfers will actually recommend the same. But as mentioned in the reviews, there is something valuable in picking a golf club set with different age ranges (in the set) that your child can graduate to as time goes on. Becoming accustomed to a brand’s weight distribution, the club’s sweet spots, and the clubs’ overall feel is certainly positive.

Regardless of your final choice, ensuring your son or daughter is ultimately satisfied with their choice is the most important. It’s crucial to get their feedback and even take a couple of swings yourself. Bad equipment can turn any youngster away from a sport. Golf is a game for life, so making sure they start out enthused and positive is incredibly important. Happy shopping, and we’ll see you on the course!

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