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Finding the right putter can have a massive impact on your short game. Putting can be a stressful part of your game, but for many golfers, the Wilson Harmonized M1 Putter offers the perfect weight for the right swing and tempo. With lines on the putter to help line up your shot and a specially designed polymer face to improve contact with the ball, the Wilson Harmonized Putter could be the right choice at a reasonable price.

In this review, you’ll learn all about this golf club, including:

  • Putter playability to get a sense of how consistent your putts will be using the Harmonized Putter.
  • Tips and tricks to get the most out of the Wilson Harmonized Putter M1 if you choose to purchase one.
  • The challenges you might run into, including one tip that will save you some heartache.
  • Club build durability to know how long this putter will last.
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Wilson Harmonized Putter M1 Review Summary

Quick Advice

The Wilson Harmonized Putter M1 is the every-golfer kind of putter. It’s a mass market putter, built to precise specifications with no customization. This is the utilitarian putter with a solid weight producing consistent putts each time. It has well marked guides on top helping you line up your putt and hit it dead center each time. The putter does have some sharp edges and I recommend getting a cover so you don’t scratch up any other clubs in your bag. All in all, this is a solid putter with excellent price to performance ratio. You won’t be unhappy with this putter and if you add it to your bag, you’ll most likely reach for it for most putts.

Who is This Club For?

The Wilson Harmonized putter has a shaft length of 35 inches. Taller or much shorter golfers might not like this length and prefer a different type of putter. If you putt in using a chest putter, this club isn’t for you. The Harmonized Putter is a solid putter for golfers who want a well-weighted putter with consistent swing motion and guidelines to help line up the ball. The injected plastic on the club face gives a controlled hit on the ball and in practice, it seemed to help a consistent strike on the ball on the greens. There are other, more expensive, putters on the market that have higher quality builds and offer other features for consistent putts, but the price on the Wilson compared to the build quality is hard to beat. The putter comes in right and left hand versions and in men’s and women’s formats.

The Review

Many would argue that the most important club you have in your bag is your putter. Often, I’ll carry more than one in my bag as I find I’ll get hot with a particular putter in a round and just keep using it. Like many of you, I want a solidly built putter that produces a smooth consistent stroke each time. Then, all I need to focus on is the distance of my swing to produce the desired putt.

The Wilson Harmonized Putter M1 delivers on this requirement.

It’s not the most expensive putter I own, but for build quality to price ratio, it may be the best. It’s a reasonably priced club that feels solid in your hands.

It does have a few quirks. First, it has some sharp edges and I found this out the hard way when it scratched a different club in my bag. Fortunately, a quick cover solved this problem. Overall though, I really like the feel of this putter and it has become one of my preferred putters.

Build Quality

I’ve owned a number of Wilson clubs over the years before I upgraded my entire set and I’ve always found their golf clubs to be solid and manufactured well. They are considered more of a mass market player and you can tell when you get the M1 that this is the case. Nothing wrong or irregular here, it’s just a fact with large volume manufacturers like Wilson. The overall build quality is good and you likely won’t have any issues with your Harmonized Putter. I did see reports of some people receiving clubs with loose parts, but with the quantities Wilson is manufacturing, this is likely to happen on a small number of them. Switching out a defective club is easy with most retailers.

The club has a polymer face that the company says will help you feel contact with the ball. I didn’t perceive much difference with this compared to an all-metal putter, but it does make a distinctive sound on impact. For some players, this may be a positive for you to know the point of impact and ensure even follow through with your putt.

Overall, the build quality on this putter is solid.


Ultimately putters come down to one question for me: will this golf putter help me shave off any strokes in my game? The Wilson Harmonized M1 Putter has the capability to deliver a better short game for me. Why? Consistent swing velocity. When I putt, I’m looking for a putter that will help me keep a consistent swing and allow me to lengthen or shorten my golf swing to impact the distance the ball will travel. This club helps me do that. Will it help you is the question?

There are some nice features to the Wilson Harmonized Putter M1 including the guidelines that are clearly marked to help you achieve more consistency in hitting the ball in the sweet spot. You’ll find yourself lining up the club easily and hitting the ball dead center more often than putters without this feature. The club also features a micro-injected polymer, a fancy name for a plastic insert, at the point of ball impact to help the golfer feel the ball being hit more precisely. Why is this important? It helps with follow through so you don’t accelerate before or after ball impact, creating a more consistent swing, a better impact on the golf ball, and a more consistent putt at different lengths.


Value is one area Wilson shines with their golf clubs and the Harmonized Putter is no different. It’s hard not to want one of those awesome $300 putters, but for the price point of the Wilson putter, you can’t beat the value with features that place this putter in the “consistent player” category. Putting can be stressful and you want a putter on your side that just delivers every time you swing. That’s something you’ll find with the M1 putter.

A reasonable price point and a high value to price ratio. I like it.

Alternatives to the Wilson Harmonized Putter M1

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Wilson Sports is one of the most respected and well known sporting goods brands in the US. Wilson was founded in 1913 and is now a subsidiary of Amer Sports. Wilson produces sporting equipment in a variety of sports. Their golf line is known as solid budget-friendly golf equipment that works for a broad section of golfers. I’ve used a variety of Wilson golf equipment and accessories over the years and found them to be a solid manufacturer who stands by their products and competes in the budget category quite well.

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