4 Tips to Staying Flexible for Golf

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Golf is a physical sport, and like all sports, it requires a certain degree of core strength, arm strength, and strong legs to provide a good, solid base for your swing. However, what most people underestimate is the need for flexibility.

Flexibility contributes to better golf games. This article will explore how golfers can stay flexible for golf to play better, along with a few other steps to up your golf game.


While strength training is normally the first thing that people focus on when it comes to improving their golf game, flexibility is a key component of any training regimen, especially when it comes to golf. The best way to improve your flexibility is by carrying out stretching exercises that will help build up more control over your swing while also helping you produce more power with each swing.

Straight Leg Hang

One of the best flexibility exercises that you can do is the straight leg hang exercise while keeping your back flat. To do this stretching routine, you must first stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Try to keep your back straight during the exercise. This exercise is essential if you’re looking to increase the range of motion in the hamstrings and will keep the muscles in the area from cramping.

Torso Twist

The torso twist is also another great flexibility-promoting exercise. To do this exercise, you need to stand up straight and face away from the wall. Now, turn to your left while keeping your right hand on the wall, all the while pushing the torso to the left. Hold this position for a few seconds and repeat the process on the right side. This is a great flexibility exercise that will help you increase the range of motion in the torso area, which will help with your golf swing.

Building Your Core Strength

While flexibility plays a big role in improving your golf game, one must not forget to build up their core strength. To hit that perfect golf swing during a game, you need to maintain that fixed spine angle along with keeping a firm postural position. This is only possible by building up your core strength. To build your strength in your core area, you should divide some time evenly to work on your flexibility as well as building your core strength.

Some of the best exercises to develop your core strength are back holds, side and front planks, sit-ups, hanging sit-ups, amongst others, which can be used to build strength in the core area.

Warm Up Before a Game

Whether you’re taking part in a golf tournament or just spending some quality time with friends or training for an upcoming competition, it is important to warm up and stretch before playing golf. This is mainly because cold muscles are more likely to get injured. Taking plenty of time to warm up before a golf game is extremely important because it helps loosen muscles and sets the tone for your golf swing. Taking the time to warm up will also give you a better idea of the shape you’re in before you start your golf game.

Cool Down

Golf is one of those games where the player has to keep doing repetitive movements throughout the game. Whether you’re on the first hole or have reached hole 19, you will have to do the same movement, aka, the golf swing to get to the end of the game. What many newbie golfers don’t realize is that performing these repetitive movements can easily result in tightness and fatigue, which can hamper your golf swing a few shots into the game.

To keep that from happening, it’s advised not to steamroll through a golf game in an attempt to get through the game quicker. Speeding through a game will only put your muscles under more pressure and will increase the risk of injury. As a rule of thumb, it is advised to always take the time to cool down after a few golf swings.

Ending Note

Here’s another tip to roll off with. While there are some golfers who swear by the benefits of “swing lubricant,” it’s best to stay away from any alcohol while playing golf. According to experts, while a beer or two might work for a few holes, drinking alcohol during a game does not help with your swing or the overall process of playing golf. Contrary to popular belief, while alcohol is used to help calm the nerves during a game, players end up having to deal with its side effects, such as coordination issues and dehydration.

So, there you have it. These were some tips to help you stay flexible for golf that you can use to up your golf game while keeping injuries at a minimum. Keeping these tips in mind and performing the core and flexibility exercises daily will definitely help build your core strength while you improve that golf swing.

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